Follicular Unit Graft

In the current era of hair transplantation, the Follicular Unit Graft (FUG) is the gold standard.  It is the technique used to obtain the most natural appearance.  In fact, when done correctly, you can not tell that someone has had a hair transplant.

Natural Hair Growth Pattern

When hair is closely inspected under microscopic magnification, it can be seen that hair does not grow as single follicles.  Hair on the head grows in small bunches or clumps of hair called a follicular unit.  A follicular unit is a naturally occuring group of hair or hairs that is associated with a sweat gland and a small muscle (the one causing goose bumps).  The clumps of growth tend to occur as 1-4 hairs growing together.  The most common follicular unit is a double.

When performing a hair tranplant, the goal is to replicate a normal growth pattern and is the reason to use exclusively follicular unit grafts.  Again, most experienced hair transplant surgeons today use exclusively or nearly exclusively follucular unit grafts.

The remainder of the pages listed below will include a thorough review of how the steps of a transplant are performed and why each is done in that particular fashion.

Donor Harvest and Graft Preparation

Creating of the Frontal Hair Line

Recipient Site Preparation and Implantation

Video of the Surgical Procedure